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"Marc Blunden is a consummate professional with an in depth knowledge of the real estate market. He presents you with a five-step selling system reflecting current market conditions to assist you with selling your home at the correct price. I highly rRead MoreRead Less
"After being more than satisfied with Marc handling the rental of my property with little involvement on my part, we then discussed furthering my real estate investments. Putting our heads together, and my desire to invest without having to manageRead MoreRead Less
"When I first saw house on line I had to find out more. I reached out to Marc. What a professional. The many questions I asked, he knew the answers right away. When he showed me the house and did a walk through, Marc showed every feature and thoroughlRead MoreRead Less
"I worked with Marc for a little over a year at KWA. I reported directly to him and he was a great mentor since day one. He consistently went above and beyond to ensure our team met its targets. I highly recommend Marc for his dedication, professioRead MoreRead Less
"I had the honor of working alongside of Marc at Revolve Capital, and must say that his industry knowledge, insights, and pure dedication to his craft was refreshing and motivating. He consistently gave 110% in every aspect of his day, and taught me mRead MoreRead Less
"I have had the pleasure to work with Marc for several years, both at KC Wilson and Revolve Capital Group. Marc is highly knowledgeable in all facets of real estate, from collateral documentation (none better!) and whole loan trading/managing a tradinRead MoreRead Less
"I'm happy to extend my highest recommendation for Marc Blunden. In my capacity as Managing Partner at 1 Oak Advisory, I have had the privilege to observe and work with Marc over the last 5 years. I've been thoroughly impressed with the leadership, foRead MoreRead Less
"Marc is very reliable and knowledgeable C-Level executive. I had a pleasure working with Marc, while he was with Revolve and KC Wilson. Marc is super diligent, always staying on top on all active projects and action items to meet deadlines and financRead MoreRead Less
"I am more than pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Marc Blunden. I was honored to work alongside Marc at KC Wilson and Associates. Marc was always an outstanding member of our team, and I have always been impressed by his professionalism andRead MoreRead Less
"I have worked directly with Marc for about 3 years, but have known him much longer. In that time, he has exhibited exemplary organization skills, and a profound knowledge in the mortgage industry. Marc’s role within the company required attention to Read MoreRead Less
"I had the pleasure of working with Marc during his time at KC Wilson & Associates when he managed our account. At first he was our backup vendor for collateral management and curing projects. After a few months of working with Marc it became clear thRead MoreRead Less
"Marc Blunden has always provided outstanding and professional client services. He turns complex problems into simple solutions with my non-performing Notes. On a weekly basis, I received exception reports so that nothing was missed within my Note porRead MoreRead Less
"I have considered Marc as a valuable and reliable partner in our business. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with him both as a vendor and a colleague, and I have always been impressed by his professionalism and thoroughness. He delivers highRead MoreRead Less
"I've known Marc for almost 5 years. We enjoyed a professional relationship and have always found Marc to be knowledgeable, attentive, and professional. I am confident that Marc will bring these same attributes to any venture he is involved with."
"I have worked with Marc Blunden for many years as service providers to lenders and custodians in the secondary mortgage market. he is exceptionally organized, very organized and a master of technology, creating and maintaining databases to meet varioRead MoreRead Less
"I had the opportunity to partner with Marc at one of my client companies. He is well-rounded professional with strong skill set in leading operations of a company. Marc is structured in his approach to work, and has a high ceiling of capacity. I thorRead MoreRead Less
"I had the privilege of working with Marc during his tenure as Vice President at KC Wilson. His leadership, expertise, and dedication to ensuring the security and growth of our investments were truly exceptional. Marc's strategic insights and commitmeRead MoreRead Less
"I have had the opportunity to work with Marc Blunden over the past two years. He is a highly respected professional in the real estate, note acquisition, trading, and sales industry with vast experience and expert knowledge in these areas. He is reliRead MoreRead Less
"Marc is a pleasure to work with. He is one of the most diligent, responsive, and knowledgeable people I have come across in my career."
"It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Marc Blunden. I am the Managing Director at a company where Marc was a client of ours. Marc and I have worked together for about five years. In those five years, Marc has shown his dedication to his work and hiRead MoreRead Less
"Marc has been a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him. He’s very thorough and diligent throughout the transaction process; seeing things through to the end!"
"Marc was a valuable part of our extended team - we relied on him to handle all our collateral curing issues and he and his team did a great job - very knowledgeable so they could suggest work-arounds when needed, responsive and quick! We couldn't askRead MoreRead Less
"Marc and I first met in 2018, and in the years I’ve known Marc he has always been respectful, genuine, and professional. He demonstrates accountability and leadership while maintaining punctuality and integrity. One of Marc’s most defining qualities Read MoreRead Less
"Marc has been instrumental in business dealings. He always conducted himself with honesty and accuracy and I have been lucky to have been able to get to know him. I would recommend Marc to anyone in any capacity."
"Marc's exceptional attention to detail and profound expertise in the real estate industry sets him apart. I had the privilege of working with him for a few years, and I wholeheartedly endorse him. His deep understanding of the real estate market, comRead MoreRead Less
"I had the pleasure of working with Marc as my supervisor. He was always focused on finding better ways to work efficiently and encouraged us to do our best. Marc was a great trainer, and I learned a lot from him, especially when it came to using softRead MoreRead Less
"I've worked with Marc, for years and can confidently say Marc is the epitome of professional. Working with him, even on complex and high stress issues, always seems to go smoothly. He's solving problems before you know you have them, clear and intellRead MoreRead Less
"Marc is a diligent and knowledgeable professional. His understanding of the mortgage and real estate industries are second to none. His attention to detail and impeccable work ethic make him a pleasure to do business with. He is a strong negotiator aRead MoreRead Less
"Marc is a dynamic business professional. Highly motivated and organized. He is pro-active in managing your transaction, Very detail oriented never missing a step. Multi-talented both in working with his clients and managing the back office. Very reliRead MoreRead Less


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Meet Marc Blunden, your dedicated Orange County real estate agent. With a decade of experience, Marc is your go-to partner for seamless transactions. From first-time buyers to seasoned investors, Marc's personalized approach ensures a smooth experience tailored to your needs.

Marc's deep knowledge of Orange County's market trends and neighborhoods guarantees he'll find your perfect fit, whether it's the coastal allure of Newport Beach or the charm of Irvine.

Choose Marc Blunden for a rewarding real estate journey - because your dreams are his priority. Contact Marc today and take the first step toward your Orange County real estate goals!

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